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21 Rue des Moulins
Neuchatel, NE, 2000

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Our Team

Denise Walters-christen

Director, Sports Therapist & Pilates Instructor


Having danced as a child, I have always had a passion and love for movement and expression. I studied Adapted Physical Activity at the university of Lausanne and specialized in Cardiac Rehabilitation, Diabetes and Weight Loss. However, my passion for dancing didn't stop while studying, and that's when I discovered the Pilates method. I found it fascinating how a strong core can facilitate good movement patterns which lead to improved posture and a balanced body.

Working as a Sports Therapist in different clinics and hospitals, I found it important to integrate some aspects of Pilates into my various programs.  In 2008, I decided to start training to become a Pilates instructor with Swissbody in Geneva. I'm now qualified to teach Matwork, Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda Chair and Barrel, as well as small equipment such as Roller, Swissball and Magic Circle.  After completing my training at the end of 2008, I joined Rééquilibre and have been working here ever since.

Sports Therapy and Pilates are a great combination for rehabilitation after injury and can improve many issues related to muscle imbalance. I've developed a keen interest in helping my clients gain more awareness and understanding about their own unique bodies in order to facilitate more freedom of movement and true core strength. This can include clients with skeletal and/or muscular problems, pre-existing injuries, or pre- and post-natal women.  I also welcome clients with an advanced age looking for a safe and effective workout to maintain their bodies at a maximum level of mobility and fitness.

Dee Walters

Pilates Instructor

In the mid-90’s when I first discovered Pilates, I quickly found that the exercises I did in class improved the stress-related tension that I suffered in my neck. I noticed that my body tone rapidly improved and that I loved the way that the concentration required with each exercise relaxed my mind - I was able to really detach from my busy job and busy life.
I trained as a Pilates instructor in 2008 with Swissbody in Geneva and started teaching with Rééquilibre the same year. Having gained certifications for Matwork, Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda Chair and Barrel, I continued with qualifications to teach Pilates while working with the Baby Arc, Roller, Swissball and Magic Circle. I like to keep up to date with developments in Pilates so I have regularly taken specialist training courses with some of the leading Pilates names such as Jennifer Paynter, Eric Franklin, Lolita San Miguel and Kathy Corey.
I have a particular interest in developing my understanding and knowledge of Pilates in relation to issues such as balance, stability, arthritis and osteoporosis and have found that, as well as developing muscle tone and good posture, Pilates has helped to improve the quality of life of clients with these and other conditions. My philosophy is based on starting with the body and health that we have and using Pilates to improve them and then to sustain that improvement.


jennifer abell



Until my early 20’s, as an athlete, I took my body for granted. With less time for training and some unconscious eating I found that I couldn’t sit up in bed with out using an elbow or a hand. I discovered Pilates in 2008 and started doing Pilates with the Rééquilibre team. I rebuilt my core strength, became more body conscious and focused on myself. Thanks to Pilates I gained the strength, the balance and the control that I needed for other sports like yoga, skiing and biking.

Yoga with its meditative qualities and similar physical movements to Pilates also became part of my weekly regime. More than 20 kg lighter, with better posture, body awareness and strong core muscles, I was inspired to make Pilates and Yoga a large part of my professional future.

I earned my certifications for the Mat, Reformer, Wunda Chair, and Trapeze Table (Cadillac) with Swissbody Pilates Academy in Geneva. I’m a certified yoga instructor (200-hour teacher training with Yoga Works) registered with Yoga Alliance and have been working for Rééquilibre since July 2015.

I continue to be fascinated by the anatomy of movement, the connections between the breath, the body and the mind and the links between the stabilizing muscles in our bodies. What holds my interest is to choose exercises that resonate with my clients whilst improving their strength and flexibility. 

sook seong


I discovered Pilates when I moved to Switzerland in 2007. I started classical ballet in Neuchâtel and was looking for other forms of training or exercise. As I had heard many benefits of Pilates, I decided to give it a try.

I was working in a corporate job, leading a very sedentary life style apart from dancing and my Pilates class. Long office hours and stress got me in the end, and I started to have back problems. When the acute back pain eased, I required physiotherapy, needed to take a break from dancing but was able to continue with my Pilates classes. After each Pilates session I felt better and I realized that I could manage my back pain by following an adapted and regular training. Once the pain was manageable, I went back to my routine of work, dance and I continued my Pilates classes.

I got more and more interested in the Pilates method and was eager to learn more. I decided therefore to start a teacher training with Swissbody Pilates Academy in Genveva to become a Pilates instructor. Since early 2016 I’m certified on Matwork and qualified to teach the small equipment, the Magic Circle and the Swissball. I still continue to dance, fascinated with the movement and the muscles used; and the strength and grace that it brings. I want to share my experience and training to improve the wellbeing of others.


carol vallat



I trained as a gymnast from the age of 5, and then evolved naturally into dance, and trained in schools in New York and Switzerland. After a few years in the watch industry as a designer, my desire to impart my passion for movement brought me to Montreal to train with Ann MacMillan where I learned the contemporary repertoire. That's when I discovered a gateway to the fascinating world of fascias.

In 2015 I had the privilege of doing a mentorship at Namaha, led by Célina Hwang in Geneva. I discovered a way to move the body through the awareness of the neuromyofascial system.

Today I want to share my passion, guide others in the exploration of their bodies, and help my clients to re-connect to themselves.


Monique van-niekerk



Monique profile circle 2.jpg

After qualifying and working for more than 13 years in various hospitals and private institutions as a radiographer my knowledge and fascination of the human body has grown.  I specialized in MRI with neurological and orthopedic imaging as the main focus and was also part of a Breast Cancer Screening Program. 

Standing for long hours and having a very physical job I constantly suffered from lower back pain.  Meeting Denise I discovered what Pilates was truly about and soon I fell in love with it and started my training with Swissbody Pilates Academy in Geneva in 2011 to become a Pilates instructor. I am qualified in Matwork, the Reformer and on the Cadillac. Since having my 2 children I decided to change careers and focus only on Pilates keeping in mind this new interest in movement and the human body.  Combining the two interests, I trained with Groovy Kids Yoga to learn how to  present this passion to the younger generations. In the last couple of years I realized that Breast Cancer was on the rise and seeing the effects on the bodies of family members and friends whose lives were drastically changed by this, I jumped at the opportunity to train with Kathey Corey and do the C.A.R.E.S (breast cancer rehabilitation program).  Re-empowering women and men to regain strength in their bodies and a better quality of life.  

I am a goal driven person and wish to use my skills, experience and education to give others and myself a better understanding of our own bodies and empowering individuals.



Mélanie photo.png

After 12 years of intense professional activity in the medical industry and the successive births of my two daughters, I had the desire to give another direction to my career.              I discovered the Pilates method and started to train at the Studio Rééquilibre. Regular practice allowed me to quickly see the positive effects on my own body and especially the back pain that I felt regularly. I wanted to know more about this method, so I quickly decided to train at the Swissbody Pilates Academy in Geneva.

In addition to a real new passion for movement and anatomy, Pilates has allowed me to find a balanced, toned body and a more harmonious posture. I am now certified on Mat work, Reformer and Cadillac. I continue my training with the Swissbody Pilates Academy to deepen my knowledge and offer a growing variety of exercises to our clients.

The results obtained by our clients thanks to the regular and supervised practice of Pilates are impressive. It is fascinating for me to see how a body abused by our current lifestyle can regain stability, tone and flexibility. The evolution of our clients, their recognition and their diligence are for me a source of constant motivation.

Juliane Grisel

Kids and adolescents yoga instructor

Juliane Grisel version croped.jpg

Specialized psychologist for children and adolescents, I started my Yoga practice in 2015 during a stay in Central America. I quickly noticed the benefits of this practice: taking time for myself, developing the notion of anchoring but also awaken the feeling of "being at home in your own body" and learning to tame.

With this experience and eager to acquire tools to support children in their development, I trained as a Yoga teacher for children and adolescents at the Yoga Training and Research Center in 2018.

The goal of the Kids Yoga class as well as the Adolescens Yoga class is to provide a space free of stakes. A parenthesis where the child can reconnect with his body, his emotions, meet the others and the environment around him. A place where the respect, the benevolence but especially the pleasure and the game prevail.

I look forward to meeting your children for this moment of sharing!