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21 Rue des Moulins
Neuchatel, NE, 2000

+41 (0)32 710 0101



All of our classes, both private and semi-private, are tailored to your specific goals and requirements; you work at your own level and we aim to constantly build and develop your strength and flexibility and to address postural issues. We regularly review your exercise objectives that change and evolve as your physical requirements change. Our classes last 55 minutes or 40 minutes (Express classes) and include warm up exercises at the beginning and stretches to finish.

All our clients who are new to Pilates are required to follow at least four private classes working with the undivided attention of your Pilates instructor.  This enables us to carry out a postural assessment, to discuss any specific needs that you may have and to define your objectives in coming to Pilates classes. These private classes allow us to teach you the breathing and stabilising exercises that are the basis of the Pilates program. As you continue your classes with us the exercises we will teach evolve and change depending on the regularity your attendance, your aims, physical ability and age.

After the first four classes you will have a good grounding in a range of Pilates exercises to build on in semi-private classes – or you can opt to continue with private sessions or a combination of the two. Our clients usually take between one and three Pilates lessons a week. 

Private classes

In a private class you benefit from the undivided attention of your teacher ensuring a class that is totally oriented to your personal objectives.  We recommend that all our clients take an occasional, if not once a week private session for 100% personal attention combining this, if desired, with semi-private lessons for more autonomy.


Semi-Private classes

In a semi-private class you share the class with one other client sharing the time of your instructor, enabling you to be more autonomous and accordingly making the price of the class more accessible. The class will be adapted to your level and objectives independent of the other client in the class.


Group Classes

In our group classes we work with a maximum of 4 clients in the group and the classes are in matwork or small equipment.  All of the group participants follow the same exercises, with your teacher focusing on working through a wide range of movements using all major muscle groups to provide a balanced workout to improve general posture and strength.


Pilates is a safe, sensible exercise system developed from the rehabilitation techniques of Joseph Pilates. Pilates teaches body awareness, good posture and graceful, easy movement with improved flexibility, agility and economy of motion.

Taught using a floor mat or equipment such as the Reformer and the Cadillac, the exercises methodically strengthen the deep core muscles that will increase your mobility, strength and flexibility and are suitable for all ages or levels of fitness.

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