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21 Rue des Moulins
Neuchatel, NE, 2000

+41 (0)32 710 0101

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Birth preparation

in movement for birth

A birth/parenting preparation in movement co-animated with a midwife and a Pilates and Personalised Training Instructor. We offer the future mothers 10 60 - 90 minutes sessions including 8 before birth and 2 after the birth of your child. Groups are limited to 5 - 7 women from 25 weeks of pregnancy. Future dads are welcome to 2 sessions. For home follow-up after the birth of the baby, the parents have the free choice of the midwife.  

A special moment for you and your baby, an opportunity to make you feel good!

our primary intentions — pre-natal period

Through a gentle and adapted gymnastics, future mothers can regain a body awareness while promoting a connection with the body rather than the brain and therefore be more attentive to their sensations, perceptions and emotions, a preventive action to possible discomfort of pregnancy. The breathing from the De Gasquet method is used during our workouts. We also aim for a rebalanced body / relaxation recalling the power of the movements on well-being using the three memories: auditory, visual and kinesthetic to promote the becoming actor of the babies delivery, the birth of a child, the birth of a family ... For the future dads, we want to promote recognition of his father role by offering to feel the baby and to be an actor at the birth of the own child.

our primary intentions — post-natal period

Once the baby is born, two adapted exercise sessions are included in the "In movement for birth" package. By breathing and good postures according to the method of Dr. Bernadette De Gasquet, the pelvic floor muscles will be protected and the "good" abdominals will be strengthened gently, even in case of cesarien section. The midwife will be present and happy to answer any questions regarding the baby.

We would like to give to the young mums moments of relaxation and fitness and give them the opportunity to get together without separating from their baby.

our offer

10 sessions at the price of CH400.- . CH150.- are reimbursed by your basic insurance (LaMal).

For any information or registration contact Sandra Roger independent midwife: